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I like to use quality timbers and components when constructing a custom guitar.

The tonewood comes from long-standing and respected luthier suppliers and is selected for it's weight, resonance and beauty of grain. Swamp Ash and Alder are particularly suited to the Tele- and Strat-style guitars, but I also use other timbers such as Mahogany, Korina, and Maple. I make every effort to make sure that the wood I use comes from certified or sustainable sources.

I finish my guitars in nitrocellulose lacquer. Nitrocellulose is softer than a polyurethane finish, which makes it easily reparable. You can touch-up a scratch or ding on a nitro finish, but you can’t easily do the same on a poly finish.

Depending on your preference, I can fit an aftermarket neck (such as those licensed by Fender®) or the neck can be custom-made, to your specification. I make them the old-fashioned way, shaping them by hand. I finish necks in either Tru-Oil or nitrocellulose lacquer. Tru-Oil, or gunstock oil, gives a beautiful finish that plays effortlessly compared with the slight 'stickiness' that you often find on a poly- or nitro-finished neck.

Once the finish on the neck has cured, I level, re-crown and polish the frets, and cut the nut, usually from bone.

I source electrical parts from top brand manufacturers such as CTS, SWITCHCRAFT and ELECTROSOCKET. Wiring is done with vintage-style cloth-insulated 'push-back' wire or metal-shielded cable. On some of my recent builds I've used BARE KNUCKLE pickups and DIMARZIO pickups and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Once the guitar is assembled, I string it up and roughly set the action and intonation. I then leave it for a day or so to let the guitar settle under tension, before fine-tuning the nut, action and intonation.







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